Dear Parents!

For the 2018-2019 school year, the EFPO will enroll children in the following classes:

Kindergarten (direct teaching):

Small section – 3 years

Middle section – 4 years

Large section – 5 years

Primary school (direct education):

CP: Preparatory course – 6 years

CE1: Basic course level 1 – 7 years

CE2: Basic course level 2 – 8 years

CM1: Middle course level 1 – 9 years

CM2: Middle course level 2 – 10 years

College and High School (CNED) – 11 – 18 years old

Children who want to enroll in the CNED class must have the basic level DELF A2.

The registration of a pupil at the school implies the full respect to the school’s criteria, the values of the institution, its principles as well as its administrative and financial conditions.

This means that the registration will be valid after a careful study of the registration’s file by the school’s Council of Administration.

The admission of a non-French pupil without a diploma DELF A2 in the CNED class will be examined carefully by the educational team. If admission is confirmed, the school and family will sign a charter for a common educational project.

Children may be admitted to the pre-school if:

– they can go to the toilet by themselves.

– they can speak their native language.

– their psychological and physical maturity and health are considered suitable for attending school by the child’s family doctor.


1. Look at our website or ask us for information about the academic year, the school calendar, admission requirements, life at school, prices and conditions of payment.

2. If needed, contact the administrative director of the school by emailing

3. Download the Application Form and complete it.

Once the application form is completed and signed, you may scan it and send by email to or bring it to the school. You must also include all the documents requested on page 3 of the application form.

Attention! The completed and submitted application forms does not guarantee acceptance of the child to the school.

The registration will be considered if:

• All documents like insurance and others are included in the application forms.

• Registration fees are paid.

• The head teacher has an interview with the child.

For further information do not hesitate to contact us at


Download the financial conditions of the school